I’m not a shoe person.

I don’t spend a trillion bucks on shoes. I think I get two new pair a year if that. I don’t go crazy for shoes. I like looking at them and stuff. I’m just not a shoe person. I walk around barefoot all day, socks in the winter…unless I’m just laying in bed which happens a lot.

I’ve had the brown boots, the Vans and the moccasins (I have a brown pair too that I don’t wear as often) for over a year. The gold pair I don’t get to wear because the sole is broken. They were 13 bucks at a thrift store in New Orleans. That city had some bad ass shopping. I was surprised! When I turn 21, fuck the drinking, I’m going to shop!

My Toms and Birkenstocks are the only shoes I wear so naturally they’re very worn in. My Vans got bleach on them last year so I don’t wear them that much anymore.

I don’t like buying shoes because shoes get dirty. I don’t want to pay 100 bucks for a pair of flats or heels if they’re going to get worn in. So I’m cheap. I almost buy shoes but never do. I carry them in my basket until I get to the register…and then I say “NAW.” I understand the fascination with shoes. I guess I’m just a barefoot kind of girl.

Its funny…I don’t even like socks. I used to rant to people about socks all the time. I forgot why though…I just don’t like them. I feel like my feet are being suffocated. It’s weird, I know but that’s the way my cookie crumbles.


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