Snow White? Eh, fine.

I’ve got TONS of respect for this movie but its is definitely not my favorite Disney movie. Adriana Caselotti had one of the absolute worst voices EVER, and the prince looked like a…not attractive person. I’ve got crazy love for the dwarfs and the Queen though. The movie would’ve been a TOTAL dud without them. Yet for some strange reason I find myself singing this song the most out of all of the Disney songs. It plays in my head a lot.

“…now that i’ve found you hear what i have to say! One song, I have but one song, one song only for yooouuu…”

It’s weirdly infectious, both parts; Snow White and her Prince.

One thing about me is that I LOVE to talk about Disney movies. I’ve read and watched way too much about them and I find Disney one fo the most fascinating companies. You can say a LOT about how badly they treat people and blah, but the product they put out (well at least they used too) is one of the finest to ever come out of anywhere and I LOVE the product to the nth degree.


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