Outside gets inside through her skin…

Recently I discovered (or rediscovered) Kate Bush. Its funny cause when I was a kid, apparently I really enjoyed “The Sensual World,” so she’s always been in my life. I just didn’t realize just how much of a genius she is. When my mom or aunt would tell me I would love her I ignored them. I went through this weird phase where I didn’t really listen to any woman singers. I don’t know why, I was 15.

Anyway, the more I listen and watch and learn about her, the more I am struck with just how much of a Kate Bush fan Lady Gaga must be. I’m not a Lady Gaga hater but I’m not exactly on her team either. I’m not going to lie, for about a week or so I was on her team, but I’m over it.

There’s just all this praise surrounding her as well as controversy and a lot of times it ends up in a comparison between her and Madonna which I totally understand…but what about Kate Bush? She was before both of these controversial ladies and from what I see, Gaga seems to be leaning more towards the Kate Bush side of things. She’s an “artist” and piano woman. What all three have in common are the crazy, generally lyrical videos.

Kate Bush was first though.

I’m not really big on compare and contrast, but its so clear the influence that Kate Bush has had on the music industry. Yet, to me, she seems like a secret. She was one of the first women to bring a certain artistic quality to her music. She can actually hang with the big boys. Her lyrics tell stories and have underlying meanings and create these different worlds and she sings about controversial topics, like Them Heavy People which is a not so positive song about religion before Madonna’s lovely Like a Prayer and Lady Gaga’s Judas. The diffrence is that Kate’s didn’t seem to cause as much of a stir as Madge and Gaga’s…

This is more of an observation and musing then a persuasive essay. It’s just struck me how you rarely hear about Kate Bush, espeically here in America yet her influence is so prevalent!

All three ladies are very different though, but they have so many striking similarities, but Kate Bush is my favorite of all of them. She has the most talent. That gorgeous soprano voice, her dance skills, her writing and producing is phenomenal. She’s undoubtedly the most talented of the three. Its funny how the music industry is more about looks and attention then talent nowadays…but that’s a musing for another day.

This is the video for Breathing from the album Never For Ever. It’s also the video that made me realize just how similar Gaga is to her…


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