We only said goodbye with words, I died a hundred times.

Yep, Amy Winehouse died.

I don’t think its as much a shock as it is a disappointment to her fans.

I was a faithful fan. I bought Back to Black. Legally. I listened to it daily. I memorized it. I loved it. It connected with me and gave me faith in the music industry.

I watched as she won Grammy after Grammy and gave her speeches live via satellite.

Then…she  spiraled…

and spiraled…

and Oh hey there was hope!

then spiral…a glimmer of hope for new stuff…

And now she has passed to the surprise of not many.

It’s always tragic when we lose someone that has just barely begun. Jimi, Janis, Jim, Kurt, even Brian. What would it be like if these people have lived? Would they still be legends? What did we lose by their deaths? All the unsung and unwritten songs.

Thankfully, they DID produce some of the best stuff to ever grace this earth. They’ve influenced people so much and yes, they’ve changed the world.

Just last night, my first night as 21 year old adult, my friend and I put some money in the jukebox and agreed to play Tears Dry on Their Own. As it played we talked about how much we loved that song and how it was totally our song and album senior year of high school and the theme song to my current break-up. We talked about how great it’ll be when she puts out a new album. We were willing to wait because we knew the wait would be worth it.

Rest in Peace, baby doll.


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