The incredible change…

Just 6 months ago I was in the fourth year of a relationship that I resented. I was in a job that made me suicidal whenever I walked in, and I had virtually no friends and cried a lot more often then a 20 year old should.

I’m still the same ridiculous person. I’m overly sensitive and still get a little down but usually with reason. It’s just crazy the change I’ve gone through in the last few months, hell since high school! I was always stuck up towards drinking and now i’m the main one getting drunk and yelling at people and kissing them and shit. Is this a change for the better? I’ve never been this content and accepting of my life before, I guess that’s good. I haven’t made this many friends since middle school. My mom hates me. She thinks I’m being stupid because I actually WANT to go out and meet people and try and keep relationships. She said that’s dumb and making friends is stupid which I think is part of the reason she hates her life but I’m not going to get into this…

I’ve finally sort of accepted my self. I’m incredibly moody and strange and LOUD but I think i’m fairly fun and funny. I suffer from intense word vomit on occasion which is awful but that’s just who I am. I spout out the dumbest shit that reflects me really poorly sometimes. I also get overly confident when I’m nervous or depressed. Also I’m really sensitive and over think everything but this I already knew. I’m also insanely afraid to be lonely, but that’s kind of a human thing…

I don’t hate the holiday’s as much this time around. I’m dreading seeing my family this upcoming Christmas, mostly because of all the shit I get about school. Just shut up and let me do my thang.

My music taste has expanded like crazy which is fantastic. There’s so much out there I just want to fold myself into a blanket and listen to all this great stuff. Here’s one of the sweetest songs in the world by my new obsession, Talking Heads! David Byrne and I are destined to share a dance.

I can’t wait to meet the person that I’ll call home someday 🙂


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