The Plunge.

The circumstance is that I’m back in my mom’s house, but not for long. Soon I will be back to the grind and the terrifying wonderfulness of the city. So far, its been…hmm. Its hard to find the right words. Stressful it has not been. Irritating I think is best. Some things are much easier. For example, my mom and I have got a good rhythm about the kitchen. We take turns like normal people for chores. Also, she got internet for me which was nice. I’m a twenty something and we need our interwebs to function. However, the having a life thing is very difficult while I’m here. My mother is very dependent on me which is wrong on her part. I’m 22. I’m automatically a moron.

What’s been causing me the most stress is getting job. I’m planning on transferring with my current company, but its pretty much the same process as getting a brand spankin’ new job. It just becomes slightly easier to be noticed because my company is all about internal hirings. I’ve had issues with my current job but mostly because of individual people. Its kind of nerdy how much I love my company, actually. I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. Anyway, I’ve spoken to a couple people and gotten an e-mail replay to my application which was sent to apparently a thousand other applicants. Now I’m waiting. Waiting is the most painful part of anything.

Waiting is good though. If you handle it correctly, you can rationalize things and calm yourself down. I tend to psyche myself up so much then the closer it gets, psyche myself down which hasn’t been working very well. I had two interviews this past year and I bombed both of them because of my nerves. I was so intimidated I couldn’t think and almost cried. That’s not gonna happen this time.

Real life is hard and there’s so many difficulties along the way. Hopefully, this one will be over soon.


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