In this episode, The Hurt One is overwhelmed with the feelings she worked so hard to get rid of after her heart was shattered almost a year ago. The Almost catches her off guard with a seemingly heartfelt and touching apology on the eve of her move. Hurt One is struck with all the reasons she wrongly fell in love with him in the first place. Almost was always so easy to talk too, so easy to look at and be a complete idiot with. So easy to drink with and cry on and go home too. After avoiding his gaze for so long, suddenly she looked into his eyes for what felt like the first time and her heart and stomach turn with the love she had buried before.

Thankfully, she is also reminded of why Almost was terrible in the first place. Quick to throw her love away when a seemingly more perfect suitor came into the picture. He never defended her when the Closeted Lesbian told mutual acquaintances her not so attractive past. Of course the main reason for this was his tough exterior and weak disposition which The One understood. Almost hated being told when he was wrong even when it hurt the One’s already incredibly fragile feelings. The One thought they could be each others shoulder to cry on, both weakened from past love. She was obviously mistaken as Almost ended up treating her so badly in the end.

If The Almost hadn’t of broken her heart, The One would’ve never toughened up. One had a problem with giving her all to people that weren’t worth it, always blinded by mushy feelings that weren’t always reciprocated back. If Almost hadn’t of destroyed her, she would be stuck in a city she hated and with friends that didn’t care about her. The experience changed her almost completely, and forced her to get her shit together. For that she would be forever thankful and unable to completely hate him no matter how hard she tries. She’s thankful he apologized and instead of leaving everything resolved but filled with animosity, the relationship officially ended with the peace offering of a donut. She knows that in another universe, if Almost and her met at a different moment, it would’ve probably been the beginning of a beautiful, almost perfect thing.


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