Why I’m stupid.

I have no money. I’ve been working part time which is fine and dandy cause I get a lot more free time. However, what is free time when you have no money?

But that’s not what makes me stupid.

What makes me a bonafide idiot is how I spend my money so quickly. Unfortunately, I get paid every other week, which is the worst and whoever thought that was a good idea to begin with is a douchebag. I’m not stupid because I spent my money on things I needed, like select Ikea furniture. The cat I’m living with had taken to peeing on my things which are on the floor because I had no furniture.  I’ve been buying groceries as well which keeps my spending down a tad bit.

I’m stupid cause I just bought sushi. Cheap sushi but its money I no longer have. I blew through my savings for the move here and now I’m so broke its sad. I can barely afford a metro card which is the key to living here. I don’t have my bike so that’s a bust. Plus I live in Brooklyn and work in Midtown so that would be a trek of enormous proportions. I’m stupid because I went to visit my aunt and she made me pay for my own dinner. I’m stupid because I bought a dresser I’ve yet to put together out of sheer laziness. I’m stupid because I bought hot dogs to eat for lunch today. I made them myself but why did I do that? Well, I did it because I was starving while grocery shopping. I’m stupid because I didn’t fight harder to get a full time position and instead just took what I could get without argument. I need to learn to be more assertive.

So at least I have food to fuel me in the next few weeks, as my next paycheck is going to bills and rent. Hopefully I get a second job or even better, get bumped to full time in the next few weeks. Honestly, I think I’ll still work a second job, just so I could get my savings back. I miss having savings. Its one of the things I value now that I’m getting older. That and my old metabolism…


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