Energy Drank

Guayaki you’re the reason I can function.
Keeps me sane,
Anxious, no more.
Helps me be a better version,
More like the person I envision myself to be.
Yerba Mate, I am a believer.
Let me Revel in the Berry you put forth.


moving on

she sits in the corner staring and contemplating
never letting go, feeling the time slip away
and not caring one bit.
the heartbreaks of her past overcoming her mind.
one by one, repeating.
then suddenly its over.
the pain remains,
just not as before.
her eye lids meet.


i can’t sleep

and then the night comes
earlier than before
lonelier than before
i can get through it
i always will
until the darkness of my eyelids overcomes me
ever slowly
ever so slowly
to be awoken unceremoniously
by the bell
the unreal bell

poem #1

my angry heart
although fiery, flutters
why couldn’t you love me?
why wouldn’t you?
time will heal these wounds i feel
until then i’ll wait
I have no choice but too.
my angry heart,
still wants to love.

this is just one of things I write in my phone when I’m overcome with emotion at work. it helps a bit.