I hate you ever so, yet I can’t pull myself away.

Facebook is possibly the worst website I’ve ever had the trouble of being addicted too. Nothing about it is good except to “connect” which is absurd because nothing is better than face to face or even mouth to phone. All of the negative things I think about that terrible website has been said and my attitude towards it very common.

Whenever I got my heartbroken (all two times), I took to “deleting” my facebook and wallowing in my misery. As a twenty something, I was used to posting my entire life’s details on this dumb website and often being on it would just magnify the pain I was feeling. The first time, my whole facebook life had revolved around my long ass relationship so when shit hit the fan, it was my worst enemy. The second time around wasn’t as serious but the pain was just as bad. There was something so therapeutic and oddly holy about deactivating said website. Suddenly, I felt free like the world was in my hands. Nothing can stop you and you can do anything without the constraints of facebook; and it is the stupidest feeling in the world that your being was attached to one profile on a fucking website.

Facebook has taken over the world and it is poison. When people ask, “Do you have a facebook?” and you reply with a no, there’s this insane judgement that goes on. I know because I used to place judgement on those freaks with out effbook and now I have joined them.

Facebook stalking is the root of all of its evil and led to my multiple deactivations. It makes it easier to torture yourself with your destructive thoughts. “Look at how happy he is!” “She’s such a fug face,” “I hope they still like me after this,” and BLAH BLAH. Its the fuckin worst.

Yet of course, on the cusp of my move to my heart’s hometown I find myself creating another poisonous account on the devil’s website. NATURALLY, I stalk those I have no business stalking if I want to be the happy, carefree version of myself I have created in the last 7 months of my life.

All the painful, angry, destructive thoughts and feelings just rushed back to me. All because of the most addictive and pseudo pointless website created.