I will NOT be negative this year!

A lot of folks make these annual declarations of making themselves better. The issue with this is keeping up with them through the short, cold days of winter into the summer and onto the end of the year. I’m proud to say that I somewhat kept up with my only resolution from last year which was to learn how to ride a bike and start biking to work. I did, until I started working early mornings, and you know how 4am wakeup calls feel…they ain’t so nice.

I had the absolute worst year of my life and I can honestly say it made me even more bad ass than before. As a result of the past hell year, my resolution is to stay positive and be more motivated. I’ve been told I can be a negative Nancy, its a side effect of my low self esteem. My goal is by summers end is to move back to the city I love and to do that I gotta simma down nah and FOCUS! I’m gonna save my pennies and start the ball rolling ASAP. I’ve learned the months slip by quickly, so the sooner I push myself the better. That goes for everyone else too!