my argument for being single

I’ve been single for over a year now. Sure I’d like to be with someone but that isn’t in the stars for me right now. After experiencing my fair share of shitty boys, I’ve come to a great place. For the first time in a while, I actually don’t like anyone right now but myself.

Strange. Real, strange.

My friend used to tell me I was afraid of being alone, but that’s a fear everyone has. However, I’ve been alone, and in my being alone I’ve never felt stronger and sexier and more independent. There are those people that can’t be alone for more then a month or so. I used to think I was one of those people…I’m glad that I’m not. I joke about wanting a boyfriend but the truth is that would be the worst possible thing to happen to me now.

I’m moving back to NYC next year. The biggest regret of my relatively short life is moving up there and staying with my SO at the time. I was young, he was my first everything. I thought it was forever.

Obviously it was not.

So as lame as it can be not having anyone to spend any time with except my work girlfriend, I couldn’t handle being with someone now. Well, I could its just I couldn’t bear ending it which is what I would have to do as soon as I got my ticket to move back to the city that stole my heart.

So you could say that, I’m saving myself for my one and only true love…New York City.