Yoga Pants, you make my ass sing.

Dear Yoga Pants,

Where have you been all my life? You would think skin tight spandex would make most average women cringe however you do the complete opposite. I used to think girls who wear you were either slobs with no fashion sense or girls who worked out for like 20 minutes a day and were just too lazy to take them off or housewives. That is not the case. I understand the allure of yoga pants. Even though I hardly ever exercise except when I bike to work, I feel like a completely new woman. Heck I feel like a woman, period.

I still think of myself as a 22 year old girl even though I’m pretty boring and don’t even like going out anymore. Yoga pants have changed my attitude. I’m currently going through a not break up (we weren’t even together in the first place but like we so were just someone was in denial but that’s ok but that story is for a different time.) and my friend and I went on a shopping trip where I discovered the PINK section of Victoria’s Secret. I never shop in this section ever but for some reason I was propelled into the cute, bright, young, sorority girl-ness of it. There I saw the yoga pants. It was love at first sight.

Since then I now find myself owning multiple pair and even wear them to work! It’s a great feeling knowing you’re driving the boys crazy with your seamless ass cheeks.

Thanks yoga pants. You’ve created a new more confident Mia.